boring saturday.

So I woke up at 11 am. Lounged around in my pajamas for a while and then decided to take my shower so I could go out and buy some food. After I showered though I realized I was too lazy to go out so I ended up eating Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter for lunch. I did some Red Mango work, then paid for my cellphone and our electricity and internet bills, then calculated how much Yessa and I owed each other (because we keep putting things on each other’s tabs), watched Season 2 Episode 1 of Code Geass, and started looking for apartments online because our lease is up on September 30th. Hay. So it wasn’t an extremely uneventful day, but it just wasn’t exciting or happy.

Anyway, because I only had cereal for lunch, my stomach started grumbling at around 5:30 pm. I thought I’d wait it out for a bit, but the growls wouldn’t stop so I finally gave in at around 7:00 and headed out to Saint’s Alp Teahouse for some Chicken Chop and Black Milk Tea (Yum! This was what I was actually craving for more than the food!) I was so worried that my tummy would embarrass me on the jam-packed elevator on the way down! Luckily it kept quiet for at least that minute. It resumed its complaining as soon as I stepped out of the apartment building! *laughs*

So after my 30-minute subway ride and walk to Saint’s Alp, I ate dinner (alone) while writing a to-do list on a sheet of paper I brought along. How nerdy and loser-ish. But, I didn’t really care. I was with my jumbo mug of Black Milk Tea and everything was all right with the world. *grins*

It was around 8:00 pm when I finished eating and decided I would walk the 45 streets and 6 avenues back to the apartment. I don’t know what got into me, but I was wearing comfy sneakers, it was a cool night and I was bored out of my wits. I had nothing better to do with my time (or at least, I had no work that I wanted to do at the moment. I still have some pending work lying around.) So I started on my trek uptown.

After a few stopovers at 1) a vintage clothing store with the coolest booties, 2) Aldo, which now sells these $60 MJ inspired oxfords that Yessa bought last week (love them!) and 3) H&M (where I bumped into Daniel, our production intern) and an hour and a half of walking, I finally arrived back at the apartment! The “cool evening” had disappeared because I had worked myself to a sweat from all the walking. But I must say, I’m pretty happy I got to do a little exercise.

Back at home, I again started looking for apartments that are up for sublease (and it’s not easy at all!) I e-mailed a broker I spoke to before I came to New York back in late 2007. I’m hoping he gets back to me soon so he can help us out. Apartment hunting is never fun. And moving is even worse! I am dreading the day I have to box up all my stuff and move again.

Anyway, I finally gave up on the apartment search for the night and decided to do a little art project instead. I’ve had an empty gold frame behind my bed for a while, so I decided to finally put something in it. I cut up an Urban Outfitters paper bag and used that for the matting.

I then looked for a hummingbird picture on the internet, stylized it in pink with some gray layers, printed it and put it into the frame. And ta-da, I have new art for my wall. Yey! At least now I’ve done something semi-productive with my day. Now I can go to sleep. Good night!


One thought on “boring saturday.

  1. grabe layds sobrang lupit mo na magdesign!btw, chineck out ko yung portfolio mo, ibang level ka na talaga, kaw ba yung naghoholdup nung mga posters? hahaanyway, yeah, paper one yung bond paper company, they have mills in indonesia for the company i'm in now is called "forindo"i don't think they're particular on the hair length here but just to be safe, i had a haircut mala-jake cuenca hahaha

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