settling in (back in new york)

It’s been two weeks since I got back from my little vacation back home. These two weeks have been strange in that they feel long and yet short. So much has happened in so little time; it feels a bit disorienting. If you think about it, 2 weeks is a relatively short time but it feels like forever since I took my flight out of Manila. So much has changed.

Since getting back I’ve moved my stuff out of storage and into my new apartment (and not without some trouble! Boy, did I have to whip out persuasion skills I didn’t know I had just to get my boxes of clothes through the door.) gone to IKEA to buy 4 pallets worth of furniture (and spending $2000!) and built about half of that furniture. The rest of them are still in boxes leaning against the living room wall. I’m excited to finally get everything up and ready but it’s proving to be much more difficult than expected. My room is looking more and more like a room now though. I can’t wait to finally have pictures of it when it’s all complete!


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