waiting for the weekend again

Listening to: Your Love is My Drug by Ke$ha

This song is so cheery! It makes me want to let my hair down and spin around with arms outstretched, eyes closed, face towards the sky, without a care for the world.

The problem is, as I stare at the calendar on my computer, I see that it’s only Monday. There will be no letting my hair down until Friday. This past weekend has been fun enough to fuel me through this week though. We went up to Greenwich, Connecticut for a barbecue pool party and all I can say about Meredith’s house is wow. Infinity pool and hot tub, plus steaks, burgers and corn grilled on a Weber grill, plus a grassy yard surrounded by blue and purple hydrangeas where we ran around barefoot playing soccer and tossing frisbees equals a Saturday very well spent. I loved it, even if I did not get to swim and had to satisfy myself with wading and hanging my legs off the edge of the pool. Rainer is one lucky guy. He can come up to Greenwich whenever he feels like it now especially since his wedding with Meredith’s in less than a month! So exciting πŸ™‚


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