red mango graphics

I know this Red Mango store has been open for almost 7 months now, but I never really got to “celebrate” this illustration that I created for the counter wall at the SM Mall of Asia. I remember working on this graphic over countless wintry nights at our poorly heated sublet apartment on W 51st Street (I would sometimes wear my puffy down jacket over my pajamas because it was so cold in there!) I’ve never seen this store in person, and I haven’t seen the SM Megamall store either. I guess everything will have to wait until I’m back in Manila for the holidays this December.

Red Mango- MOA(G1)
The illustration
I was a bit bummed to see they hadn’t gotten the measurements right and had zoomed into the illustration and cut away a large part of it when they applied it to the wall, especially since I’m sure I was working on the right size/proportions. Oh well. Achi said she could have it changed eventually, but I don’t think we’re ever gonna end up doing that. I wish the illustration didn’t end up getting zoomed in this huge though (especially since I might have some curves there that aren’t as smooth as I would have liked them to be! hehehe oops!)

Red Mango- Mall of Asia
As seen at the SM Mall of Asia store
Another thing I just finished working on last night is a new set of slides for the rotating TV menus we have at the stores. I remember having done the first set a year ago in haste because we were opening the first-ever Red Mango Philippines store at TriNoma in a few days. I’ve realized, now that I’ve done the second set, that the first set from last year looked quite bad! I guess my design sense has been taken up a notch since then! *laughs* It’s funny how different you can feel about something once time turns its hands. It’s amusing looking back on things you’ve done, things you were actually happy about or even proud of, and seeing them now and making a face thinking, “I actually thought that looked good?” Hehehe.

Overall, I guess I still retained a bit of a feel from the first set, but I’ve just buttoned it up a bit. And so I present a before-and-after snapshot of a couple of the slides on the menu. At the very least I think I’ve been able to make the slides more cohesive as a set the second time around ๐Ÿ™‚ Or do people think otherwise? Oopsie if they do hehe!



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