it’s confirmed

The Lipton Gold Milk Tea that used to be sold in the Philippines (and is manufactured in Indonesia) tastes much better than the same variant that’s sold in Hong Kong (and manufactured in China).

This poses a problem for me. I used to be able to buy my milk tea at any supermarket in the Philippines when Unilever still used to import them into the country. Since Diane told me about them discontinuing the variant, I had gone and stocked up on them while I was home for vacation. Now I have a stash in my kitchen cupboard here in New York. So, yes, I lugged my precious milk tea all the way from Manila in my suitcases.

Earlier this year, I asked mom to bring some more packs along with them when they came to visit. Since by now they no longer had it in Manila, she brought around 10 boxes that they had bought in Hong Kong. And sadly, they taste very different from the ones I’ve grown to love. Or maybe that was all in my imagination? Maybe I was making this out to be a bigger thing than it was? I guess I’ve always been picky about tastes and flavors, but having my milk tea breaks with the Hong Kong variety was just not as pleasurable.

Since I still had a few boxes of the ones bought in the Philippines (and apparently manufactured in Indonesia), I decided to save them and consume the ones from Hong Kong instead. I have always been the type to “save the best for last.” Every now and then though, I indulge myself with the milk tea that I believe to be creamier and so much more satisfying.

I was just telling Karen about all this the other day. I offer her packs of Lipton Milk Tea Gold whenever I need to snap out of my early afternoon stupor and we’d go to the kitchen together to get hot water, and like me, she has grown a bit accustomed to the ones from Hong Kong. But today, I decided to be extravagant and we both got sachets from a Manila box.

She took her first sip *cue heavenly music* and exclaimed, “These ARE so much better. They’re creamier.” And it was confirmed. I wasn’t crazy or overstating the difference. The gap is huge.

Now that I know this for sure, I don’t think I can settle for the Hong Kong ones any longer. I have to think about how to replenish my dwindling good milk tea supply. The Manila batch will not last for very long… I wonder if they still import the Indonesian ones down in Davao at Gaisano Mall. I think I better ask Kelvin! *crosses fingers!*


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