watches i want

  1. Junghans Max Bill Automatic watch (approx. $800)- Clean and modern, this appeals to the graphic designer in me. I love those stout geometric numbers.
  2. Folli Follie Ace watch with rose gold accents ($380)- Sporty yet classy with the gold accents, this fits my adventurous side.
  3. Ballon Bleu de Cartier in rose gold with brown alligator strap (approx. $17,500! *gasp*)- I don’t know when the day that I’d be able to afford a luxury such as this will arrive, but it doesn’t hurt to hope that it eventually will! Classic and stately, it evokes an image of a room filled to the brim with leather-bound books; it’s a definite investment piece!
  4. IWC Portuguese Chronograph watch (approx. $5000)- I couldn’t decide on a particular color so I decided to leave every variation of the watch on here. I know this one’s definitely filed under Men’s Watches (and the three others before this are probably unisex) but I can’t let a label stop me from wanting to own one of these. The details on the face are such that they give off a sense of precision and a gentle, intelligent masculinity. I love it.

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