2011- Year of the “Me”

After a few weeks of disbelief that the calendar had already changed to 2011, I can now say goodbye to the year that was. While I still can’t imagine how it could have gone by so fast, I’m pretty happy with how 2010 went. I wish I could have accomplished much more than I did, but I guess 2011 will have to be the year of magic and of making things happen. I am no longer sitting idly by with my usual timid demeanor. It’s time to be more assertive, to expect more from life. I no longer want to be satisfied with what it just hands out, because there could be so much more.

I always thought being contented was equivalent to happiness, but maybe it’s not. Contentment is exactly just that, contentment. It’s stripped me of my desire to desire, to dream, to be better. And isn’t it only when you truly desire and dream of something that you become happy when you get to where you want to be? Happiness is about getting to where you imagined yourself to be, of that basking moment of glory. It’s a continuous journey, a continuing accumulation of those moments that make you feel alive. It’s not just about being satisfied with what’s here now. It’s not about stagnating in a soup of contentment that you delude yourself into thinking is true happiness.

This is the year I reach for the stars. This is the year that I do something that my heart truly desires. It’s about listening to myself, about trusting myself. Quite simply, this year is about being true to me. And so, to borrow a line from a friend, I am declaring my own version of The Year ofย  the “Me”. Let’s see where this year takes us!


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