warby parker

I can’t believe that it took me a whole year to finally stumble upon Warby Parker. I am in love with their stylish glasses (even though I don’t own one… yet!) And the fact that they cost only $95, lens and shipping included, is amaaazing. Incredibly well-designed vintage-inspired pieces that satisfy the wannabe hipster in me, these glasses, especially at this affordable price point are true must-haves.

I was already sold by their innovative approach to selling eyeglasses online. Who else would send you up to 5 frames to try on at home for free with a free return shipping label? And provides you with a user-friendly virtual try-on interface for instant gratification? And let’s not forget how clean and handsome the whole Warby Parker brand look is. The designer in me is clicking through the website in unrestrained glee! (I believe The Bear Cave was responsible for designing the brand from the ground up. Me likey!)

There is however, one particular aspect of their business that really clinched the deal for me. Similar to Toms with their shoes, for every pair of glasses that Warby Parker sells, they give away a pair to someone who needs it in a developing community. It’s an integral part of why Warby Parker was created, and a big reason why I am very happy that the four guys who created it were brought together by the cosmic universe when they all decided to go to Wharton for their MBAs. Warby Parker is about bringing the gift, no, actually, the right of vision to everyone. From its concept of selling boutique quality glasses at a revolutionary price point, to its collaboration with vision-granting non-profits, Warby Parker’s business and its purpose are perfectly aligned. If I may say, they see eye to eye! :p

I am a fan… most probably a soon-to-be Warby-Parker-bespectacled fan!


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