motorino pizza (and magnolia cupcakes)

On Wednesday and Thursday, creative leaders from all different offices of the Landor network all over the world came to New York for a meeting. And because we wanted to give them a true flavor of New York hospitality, we got them food and snacks that we’d deemed the best of the best in the city. Among the lineup of quintessential NYC treats were cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, bagels from Ess-a-Bagel and pretzels from Sigmund’s Pretzelshop.

While I don’t agree that Magnolia Bakery cupcakes are the best (in fact, I really don’t like them at all), the presentation for their mini cupcakes was adorable. Who doesn’t love looking at those colorful confections in egg cartons? Beyond cute! So even if I’m not a fan of the super eggy flavor of their cupcakes, I am a fan of their packaging. *thumbs up*

While Magnolia Bakery probably has the biggest name among its neighbors on the table last Wednesday, I have to say the spread of pizzas from Motorino stole the show. Looooove them.

Enter theย Stracciatella! $17 worth of deliciousness with the simplest of ingredients. Crust, cheese, basil, sea salt and olive oil. It was a dream. I can only imagine how good the pizza would have been if it were fresh from the oven and served at the table (instead of delivered like ours was).

One day I will trek on over to Williamsburg, home of the hipsters, for this wonderful treat. They do have a store now in the East Village but I just want to bask in the true hipster glow of Brooklyn. I haven’t been there since Yessa and Cel were still here! (I miss you guys!)


6 thoughts on “motorino pizza (and magnolia cupcakes)

  1. layds!!! i didnt know you wordpressed! haha i had a wordpress but i rarely update na, just my tumblr. haha awww i miss you too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ come home soonnnn

  2. Layds! For some reason, ako din. I only noticed when I was clicking on Twitter profiles cause ang bagal ng net and I wanted to know if my net was working. Happened to click on your and “hey, what does this link do…” tenenene, blog!

    LOL! cute ng outfits! Di ako pwde mag-ganyan kasi 1, walang kukuha and 2, wala ako model-esque figure.

    • hahaha, ako lang rin kumukuha ng pictures dahil obviously shoti will not help me out with stuff like this! ๐Ÿ˜€ that’s why a well-placed cabinet/table or a tripod comes in handy!

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