red gingham shirt day

Today was the unofficial “wear-your-red-gingham-shirt-to-work” day at the office! The cube by the kitchen, or should we say the “B.E. Corner of Cool,” held a picnic-shirt day in celebration of spring’s arrival. I became an honorary member of that exclusive club just because I had mentioned to Tim last week that I had a red gingham shirt too! Tim, Jenny and I came in our own versions of the pattern, and seeing us all in it made the start of the workweek somewhat more cheerful. (Too bad I wasn’t able to get a picture of us three in our shirts!)

And let’s not forget the breakfast scones. The fantastic scones that Jenny had baked instantly put a skip to my step. It was a wonderful way to begin the week and kick the Monday blues away.

Red Gingham Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans: Uniqlo, Belt: J.Crew, Cashmere Cardigan: Uniqlo, Tasseled Loafers: Steve Madden


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