sunday night out

Aldrich, Shar, Carla, Mia and I had dinner at DBGB Kitchen & Bar (Bowery between 1st Street and Houston) on Sunday. We were supposed to be eating out to honor our special visitor, Mark, but he ended up not being able to make it at the last minute. We went ahead and had dinner anyway.

I ordered “The Piggie”, a 6 oz beef patty topped with daisy mays bbq pulled pork, jalapeno mayonnaise & boston lettuce on a cheddar bun served with mustard-vinegar slaw and fries! The burger’s name did not deter me from eating it despite the subtle warning that you would probably turn into an oinky. It was really juicy and flavorful. The Piggie did not disappoint! And for the amount of calories it probably contains, I had really hoped that it wouldn’t! *laughs*

We headed on up to my favorite Saint’s Alp Teahouse (on 3rd Avenue and 10th Street) for some milk tea afterwards. I looove milk tea. I was really happy that Carla was craving for it that night too! Otherwise, Aldrich may have just laughed at my obsession and not given me the chance to go and order my cup of steaming milk tea goodness. Hehe

I decided to deviate from my usual black milk tea and try the green milk tea that Mark had on Friday night. The flowery tea made for a very different but equally soothing and satisfying treat. Yummy toooo! I will probably be alternating between the two variants from now on. I can’t wait for my next visit to Saint’s Alp.

What I wore out on Sunday:

Black Blazer (H&M), White Tank Top (Zara), Drawstring Skirt, Necklace (Forever 21), Black & Gold Watch (Glam Rock) and Black Boots (Belle by Sigerson Morrison)


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