lisa for donald j. pliner platform heels

Went to Nordstrom Rack this afternoon and found these beautiful platform heels for only 25% the original price! They made me think of my mom right away because of the stones running down the front of the brown leather. (She’s currently a bit crazed about gemstones; she bought me a rutilated quartz pendant, an iron oxide necklace and a tourmaline bracelet the last time I was home in Manila.) It was perfect that these came in her size! My mom would rock these.

I love how modern these heels look with the contrasting glossy black platform and the white rubber treaded sole. The best part though is the green sole! No one’s gonna see the sole really, but I just like having or knowing about details like that. And… somehow these remind me of Picasso’s work, no? Maybe that’s just me and the weird associations I have in my head. But just so you get what I mean, here’s Pablo Picasso’s The Dream. If the painting had a little less red and a bit more black, it would be pretty spot on.


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