easter sunday

Had lunch with Aldrich at La Silhouette. Didn’t realize they were serving a prix-fixe for Easter! Unwittingly had to eat a $50 lunch. The champagne punch with fruits was great though! And so were the fries on my steak and eggs.

Aldrich had to run back to the office to do some work. I ended up meeting with Jed, EJ and Carla at Columbus Circle and we headed to Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park together to toss some frisbee. It was a while before I got the hang of throwing a frisbee again!

And this is what I was wearing on Sunday! (I really love my vintage camera bag, one of the few things I’ve bought over ebay, and well worth it! I also really fancy my bird-print top, makes me want to take up watercolor again.)

Rust Orange Blazer: H&M, Bird Print Top: Forever 21, Gray Shorts: H&M, Necklace: Anthropologie, Gold Loafers: Tremp, Vintage Camera Bag: eBay!

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