not feeling like myself

Haven’t been feeling quite like myself lately. I’m usually cheery, optimistic, happy even in the face of disheartening events. But now, I don’t wake up excited. I get to work not anxious to start creating something meaningful. I go home at night too jaded to do anything worthwhile. I sleep early because I’d rather dream than be awake. I just feel like everything’s slipping away from underneath my feet. I know I have to snap out of this. I just don’t know quite how yet. Especially when I somehow feel so alone in this great big city.


2 thoughts on “not feeling like myself

    • lots of small things, i think i’m just being hypersensitive about everything now (which is SO not me). and also, listening to dashboard confessional (super throwback) makes me this way! hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ *huuuug*

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