walter’s day 2011

For Walter’s Day this year, the Landor New York office went to the Battery Park Conservancy to help out with some gardening projects.

Erin and I signed up for the “planting and pruning” group and ended up being the “digging and laying down pipes” group. While other groups were spray-painting metal perimeter fences, tying back bamboo fences and transporting seedlings from the garden to pots, we were inches deep in fertilized wet soil with shovels as we worked on a drainage system for the urban garden. Luckily, Erin and I wore the appropriate footwear and were spared from having icky sneakers drenched in mushy soil that smelled like manure!

Instagram picture from Erin’s twitter feed

We each got $100 gift cards! Landor loves us!
Fatty Cue for lunch!

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