lemonade at chipotle

Ever since I stopped going to Ennju, I’ve found it really hard to be excited about lunch options around the area. I do find that I’ve grown to like having soup for lunch though. I now frequent Cafe Medina on 17th between Broadway and 5th Ave. They always have a good variety of soups to choose from, and they’re always yummyyy!

Today I opted for Chipotle today though. (Pret was the only other choice and I didn’t feel like having a sandwich or a salad). The line was especially long today, but I waited it out. Did the usual pointing as they put black beans, chicken, mild salsa, corn, sour cream, cheese and lettuce into my burrito bowl, and then handed my debit card to pay at the counter. As I do so, I hear the woman who has also just finished paying ask the cashier, “Could I have a cup to get some water please?” The busy cashier boy grabs a 16 oz. paper cup and hands it to her without question.

I did not think this request odd at all. (I’ve requested a cup at fastfood places a few times before too. I would go dispense some water and sometimes grab a slice of lemon to put in the cup.) So,ย  I went on my usual way to the condiments station where I got my plastic fork, a couple of napkins and a small container of Tabasco hot sauce. As I rolled my brown paper bag back down, I caught a quick whiff of tangy lemonade. I glanced to my left only to see the lady, who said she wanted the paper cup for some water, filling it to the brim with lemonade instead! I didn’t know if I should have been impressed by her cleverness or offended by her deceit. I was leaning towards the latter, and would have given her a “I-know-what-you-did” dagger look if not for the bump on her belly that I noticed later. Tsk tsk. Not setting a very good example for your child now, are you?


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