I think I may be addicted to JewelMint.

When I first signed up for JewelMint, I had been intrigued by the concept of receiving personalized jewelry selections and then being able to choose one piece per month on a $29.99 monthly membership that starts on your first purchase. I had grown tired of my Forever 21 and H&M pieces that, while fashionable and cheap, left green metal stains around my neck, wrist or finger after a couple of wears. It doesn’t help that my sweat glands are more active than the average person’s, so I thought it was finally time to resist the bargains and try to find pieces that were 1. of better quality, 2. less mainstream yet 3. not a drain on the wallet. JewelMint seemed to be the fun, innovative and still affordable way to find all that.

The brainchild of Kate Bosworth and her stylist best friend, Cher Coulter, the site welcomes you with a style quiz that lets them gauge what sort of jewelry you would like. After that you’d get a showroom each month with 5-6 picks from the collection of pieces that Kate and Cher designed. At first I was a bit disappointed by the selection. Nothing seemed to be quite “me”.ย  And so for the first few months, I would drop by just to see what’s new, but I never bought anything.

One day, I got an email with a coupon that let you buy a piece for only $12.99. I hadn’t checked the site in a while so I immediately logged on to see if there was something I fancied. It was then I saw the “New Heights” bracelet. At $12.99, it was a total no-brainer. I quickly hit the Checkout button and activated my membership with that first purchase. The good news is, I can opt out each month (within the first 5 days) and not pay the $29.99 if I didn’t find a piece I liked. I’m not sure I’m going to be opting out a lot though.

JewelMint ships the jewelry in a black branded bubble wrap envelope, and inside you get a JewelMint box with a magnetic closure that looks like this. (I should mention that shipping is always free).

The box was just the beginning though. Inside, padded by foam is a black velvet pouch which holds the actual piece of jewelry. Not only that, my box also included a short note from Kate and Cher talking about the “New Heights” bracelet. With all that fanfare and care, opening each piece you receive becomes such a treat!

And here’s my New Heights bracelet!


Of course, I can’t be properly called “addicted” if I only have one piece. To be honest… I actually have two now. I wore my second JewelMint purchase (the Encore necklaces)ย  to work yesterday and was pleased by all the comments I got about them. Kinilig ako. It’s an eclectic two-necklace set with wonderful colors and textures. Just had to have it!

Forever 21 white pocket tee, H&M brown shorts, JewelMint Encore necklaces, gold loafers, blue Sabina leather bag

And… I’m not exactly done. Another JewelMint shipment is on the way. *sheepish grin* I admit I may have gone a bit overboard with these 3 pieces coming almost only a week apart from each other. I promise I will opt out for the month of October (and November!) For now, I can’t wait for the third piece to arrive!


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