wednesday addams

We had our Halloween party at the office today! It was a great time, and everyone really seemed to step it up this year. Last year’s Halloween was a bit of a non-event. This year’s however, was amazing!

From the food (say hello to “brains” panacotta, flesh-colored jelly “fingers” and candied “poison” apples!) to the ambiance (blood splattered floors, blacked out windows, eerie red lighting and smoke machine, yes, smoke machine) to the costumes (Batman 1, 2 AND 3, Frida with a moustache, and Roger Rabbit to name a few), everything was better prepared for and much more thought out. Beca’s costume, which we shall not disclose except to say it was a client joke, was one of the more witty. By 4pm, our lobby had turned into one hell of a party place with MJ’s Thriller playing in the background. Everyone took their turns hamming it up at the photo booth where we had the house from Psycho as the backdrop, a few goofy photos were definitely in the mix. With beers in hand, we all pretty much had a fun time.

I came dressed as Wednesday Addams today. I must say, I felt weird the whole day having my hair parted in the middle. I felt like there was too much hair on one side of my head when really they were perfectly equal. Anyway, it was fun trying to get into the persona of Wednesday. I had to keep myself from smiling too much and tried to make myself look like a sulking little girl, but ehh, was too hard. I did keep my pouty face on just for the costume contest though! (Marie won as the washed up lounge singer. She had a ridiculously amazing vintage sequined screen siren dress, a raspy voice and a martini glass in hand. Now she really knew how to get into character!)

Anyway, here’s my creepy Wednesday Addams face…

And my Wednesday Addams I-don’t-care, I’m-not-budging pose…

Update: Here’s the same staring pose at the office’s photo booth.

And then here’s me after the office party, still wearing my Wednesday Addams clothes but not quite Wednesday anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ Yey for transition costumes! No changing necessary, and best of all, I didn’t have to shell out any moolah for it ๐Ÿ™‚

Gray wool hat from Strawberry, xhiliration printed dress, Mossimo white collared top, Zara gray blazer, Forever 21 lace-up boots

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