maricor maricar

Maricor/Maricar. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon these two gals based in Sydney, but I just couldn’t take the images of their hand-embroidered pieces out of my head. The bright colors, the beautiful letterforms, all I can say is I love love LOVE them. These images I’m pulling from their site are mostly part of an exhibition they had back in March called “Turns of Speech and Figures of Phrase.” From what I gather they’re mostly song titles or lines carefully plucked out and lovingly embroidered by hand onto cotton canvas.

What I find so cool is the fact that Maricor and Maricar are twin sisters and they’re both doing something that they love… together! I think it’s fantastic that you can share a passion for making, designing and creating with your twin sister. And to both be so talented at the same thing is rare and amazing.

Another cool thing that I have not confirmed, yet I am willing to bet on, is that they’re Filipino. Aside from their names, I found this particular piece that I thought just stood for the English word “gusto” written out twice, until I read their explanation for it. I think it pretty much gives them away. πŸ™‚

“Our new embroidery is Gusto Gusto! (pronounced goo’sto gus’to!) and it’s a play on the Filipino gusto (want) and the English gusto (enthusiasm, zest, energy).

“I want energy” sounds a little lame, but Gusto Gusto! has the right motivational tone don’t you think? This was a little phrase I had written down in my notebook a while ago and is another motivational typographic piece along the lines of “You Gotta Keep Cheering”.Β Sometimes you need a little helpful reminder to keep going, don’t give up, be persistent. “

Interestingly enough, they’re now open to making private commissions! I feel like I want to start racking my brain for a phrase, a song lyric, anything, just something that I can have them do as my own little piece of Maricor/Maricar. It will not come without a cost of course, but it’s so pweettyy.

They’re not all about the tactile, embroidery work though. They’re also illustration, motion and web design. They bring a particular hand-drawn, hand-crafted quality to each of those mediums though, and always with great results. I wish I could be just as talented!

On a sidenote, we are actually having a drawing session at work tomorrow! (Which reminds me… I have to go dig out my charcoal, chalk and pencils as soon as I finish this.) I’m actually really excited to get my hands dirty and get back to basics. Yeyyyy!


3 thoughts on “maricor maricar

  1. Holy shit, this is awesome! I want the Makers Dreamers print!

    iMessage you soon! or uMessage me first. Hahahaha ang corny.

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