flower power

I’m back home in the Philippines for the holidays! Yey for warm weather and yey for being able to go out without a heavy coat on. It’s nice to be back and just relax and not stress about work, just escape from the fast pace of New York. I haven’t had time to reflect on anything this past year and this two-week break will definitely give me the opportunity to do so.

I wore this to dinner out with my high school barkada at Mamou located at the Power Plant mall. (I’ve missed the malls here. They’re such a huge part of Philippine culture, and a huge part of my life when I’m back home. I’ve been to four malls in the last three days I’ve been here! *laughs* There’s really nowhere else to go here in Manila. Wehehe.)

Flowers on my top, flowers on my shorts, flowers on my necklace! If only my loafers were printed with flowers, I would have been completely floral from head-to-toe! I really love the print on this vintage top I got from The Cure Thrift Shop in the East Village. I think it’s quite lovely, and unique from all the other floral prints I’ve seen around. It was my first vintage clothing purchase, and I think it’s still the best one.

Vintage floral top, Forever 21 gold flower necklace, Forever 21 blue floral lace shorts, Tremp gold loafers

I received this crystal-encrusted bow ring as a Christmas gift from Cara that night! I wore it on the spot ๐Ÿ™‚


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