happy braided jewelry

I’ve been really drawn to bright colors and rich hues lately. The last three shirts I’ve bought were kelly green, cyan and poppy pink. So when I went searching on Etsy for braided jewelry yesterday, I was drawn to these particular few that I just might buy one of these days. These funky pieces will certainly pop against the plainest of outfits. Couldn’t bear keeping these beauties to myself! So, here’s a roundup of three that I love. Their only common thread is being braided; they all have such different characters.

1. Braided statement necklace – $68 by whimsicaljewellery They have a variety of bib necklaces and other statement pieces that could be a lot of fun to wear.

2. Jersey fabric necklace – $18 by birdienumnumshop (A cross between a necklace and a light scarf, this is currently going at 10% off!) Eco-friendly handmade jersey necklaces from Chile.

3. Double Happiness braided bracelet – $18 by AmprisLoves This bracelet’s colors really do make me happy! I love this vintage clothing and handmade jewelry shop from Toronto. Her aesthetic is darling.


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