my furry parka at rouge tomate

I wore my Cope dress from Urban Outfitters to work last Friday because it was a relatively warm day (considering it’s supposed to be winter!) Yesterday, the temperature actually hit 15 C! I was expecting -2 C weather for the start of February. I’m not complaining though; I only hope this doesn’t mean a winter that extends until April or a sweltering heat-stroke-inducing summer.

Sooo, we had dinner at Rouge Tomate last Friday because it was (still is?) Restaurant Week. Who passes up a three-course prix fixe for $35 at a Michelin-rated restaurant? Not us! (Thanks Aldrich for reserving a table!) I must say, this was the first time I’d ever seen a non-alcoholic beverage pairing with the Restaurant Week set, and I was glad I decided to take it. The Cucumber Cooler (cucumber, lemon, dill, seltzer) tasted like a sunny afternoon lounging by the beach. The Amber Palmer, which was my favorite of the three, was a unique, refreshing, sophisticated mix of jasmine and black tea, rosemary-grapefruit juice, mint and seltzer. It was their take on the Arnold Palmer, but a very different, and far more elegant version of it! The Pomegranate Mint (pomegranate mint syrup, fresh mint, lemon, club soda) was a good drink, but lacked the wow that the other two had. I would pass on this for another glass of that Amber Palmer, hehe.

The Amber Palmer

I think I would rather have these exciting fruit concoctions over a wine pairing any day. I will definitely go back to Rouge Tomate if only for the juice bar and that amazing appetizer called the Hawaiian Walu Crudo. Yummmyyy, it tasted like it had calamansi on it, so it tasted like a fresh hit of home to me.

Anyway, so here’s what I wore that night to dinner. I got this furry parka on super sale at the Barneys New York outlet in Hawaii over Thanksgiving break. (Yes, I know it’s a weird place to buy such a heavy jacket.) The furry part of it is actually detachable and you can wear it on its own as a vest– neat!

So I’m wearing it over a navy blue blazer I got from Daffy’s long ago for $20. It originally came with plastic buttons and I replaced them with navy/military style ones from M&J Trimmings that cost around $8 total. I sewed 3 of the 5 buttons, and I remember Cel sewed on the remaining two on the left sleeve for me when I got lazy! Hehe

Navy blue blazer from Daffy’s, Cope white striped dress from Urban Outfitters, GAP tan and gold belt, Zara desert boot wedges



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