colorful thursday

Another uncharacteristic winter day means a beautiful spring-like day! While I was walking around New York today, I realized once again why I love this city. I only wish I didn’t have to go around by myself, but then there’s no better place than New York for that too.

Because I had been working my butt off for the last two weeks on a couple of projects at work, I was given a comp day to enjoy today! Yey! Couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous day to be out and about! I, of course, did not want it to go to waste. So I woke up just 30 minutes after my usual time and headed to the MoMA for a little inspiration. Cindy Sherman’s retrospective is currently on exhibit on the 6th floor. I’ve been wanting to visit for some time, and this Thursday provided the perfect opportunity. Her self-portraits are immensely interesting, but I suppose that’s subject enough for a whole other blog post! For now, let me finish running down how my day went.

After going through the exhibition at the MoMA, I walked over a few blocks to Aldrich’s office to meet up for lunch. Lunch together on a weekday hardly ever happens. It is a rare, happy occasion haha! We ended up at Gyukaku for some no-fail kalbi, gyutan and steak barbecue indulgence. Top it all off with garlic fried rice and you’ve got one very satisfying meal. Too bad he was too busy to stay out longer or I would have invited (well, maybe forced) him to get jasmine milk tea at Coco with me! I did end up getting my milk tea fix after though, back down in the East Village at my trusty Saint’s Alp Teahouse.

On the way back to the apartment after our lunch, I passed by an H&M store. The Marni for H&M collection came out today and I thought I’d try to see what they had. It was already 1:30pm by this time, and that is, in the world of H&M collaborations, very very very late. All the women’s items were gone. Every single item of the 70+ piece collection had already been snagged by eager shoppers who came way way before me. Too bad. I would have loved to get my hands on a few of those statement necklaces! My mom is a huge Marni fan, she would have fancied them too. Oh well, it was not on my agenda for the day, my morning spent at the MoMA (for free thanks to our corporate account) was way better than drilling another hole into my already constantly leaking wallet hehe.

I had to get to the office at 4:30 for a meeting, so after getting home and resting for a bit, I decided to satiate my craving and buy myself a cold jumbo black tea with milk at Saint’s Alp. I then walked back up to the office, but not without first making a detour by Strands Bookstore. I’ve never gone through those $1 and $2 bookshelves they have sitting outside, and I’ve always wanted to, so today I did! And I picked up this book by a French children’s illustrator that had metallic mirrory pages and cut-outs. I found it cute, it made me happy and I just had to get it. I mean, it’s only $2 and it was in pretty okay condition.

Jeu de Reflets by Herve Tullet

And then off I went to the office. My day does not end here, but already I am buoyed up in a sense of productivity and joy. I haven’t felt this rejuvenated in a while, so I’m really glad I got to do all this. You can tell by the colors of my outfit (and my nails) just how rared up I am. As David and I would say, “Happiness level: up!” *laughs*

Forever 21 white collared sleeveless top, Forever 21 blue pencil skirt, Laila Rowe colorful scarf
Jewelmint whistle necklace, Fossil leather watch, Forever 21 red braid bracelet, Starbucks Indivisible “Create jobs for USA” bracelet (only $5 and for a good cause!) and red nails with Essie in Fifth Avenue

And of course I had to bring my bright yellow Z Spoke by Zac Posen bag! Yey! Today was a very good day. *smiles*


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