pajama pants

I chanced upon these printed “pajama” pants in my size and knew I had to try this look. Drich says it’s very hipster, and that’s probably what I like about it. These pants, my new shades from Anthropologie, and some fiery orangey-red lipstick make for a look that’s not typical of me but somehow still feels very much like me. I very much enjoyed walking around the city in these comfy comfy pants.


So… I will confess that I actually got this pair from Strawberry down on 14th Street. Going in there (and the branch in Grand Central) is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Cel probably still can’t believe that I like shopping there hehe, but there always seems to be something interesting (and more importantly, affordable) to find there. The same thing goes for places like Necessary Clothing and Forever 21.

I remember Sunny’s reaction when I told her I randomly scour the shoe racks at Daffy’s when I have free time and actually own a couple of unique pairs that I love from there hehe. People are always surprised about where I shop for my stuff, but if there’s a healthy mix of high and low fashion then I think the things on the lower end of the spectrum get a little bit of an upgrade too. But maybe that’s just me.


Gray shirt from Theory, black and gold necklace from Forever 21, Revlon Siren lipstick


Printed “pajama” pants from Strawberry, Adidas Y-3 sequin pointy ballet flats (from 5 years ago already, wow!)


My mom is of the opinion that you must never share the fact that what you’re wearing was actually quite a steal. I understand that if people keep finding out that this shirt or that shirt you were wearing was actually cheap, that maybe they’d think all your clothes are of “lesser origins” so to speak.Β  I just get really excited and happy when I score a deal that when someone notices or compliments it I quite often find myself saying, “You will never guess how much I got this for!” I guess I should try not toΒ  divulge my “secrets” as often as I do… I just can’t help it.

Theory leather jacket, Anthropologie Split Frame shades



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