patterned dress

I bought this patterned dress over the weekend and couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s such an no-brainer for these hot summer days we’ve been having. I love the vintage vibe it gave off and had to pair it with my newly acquired vintage white bag from Beacon’s Closet.

I went to Beacon’s Closet this weekend to donate some of the clothes and shoes I don’t wear that often, with the offchance that I could make a little money from items they deemed salable.ย  (They pay 35% cash or 55% store credit of the price tags that they apply to your items.) My closet is overflowing and it was definitely time to purge. I knew the most of the items I brought in probably weren’t quite right for the season they were buying for or their clientele, but I didn’t feel bad bringing them in anyway because I knew they would donate the stuff they didn’t purchase from me. At least that way I know the clothes were still going to someone who needed them.

So anyway, I did get some money back, which I then quickly spent on a white bag that I saw while going around their store. Haha, so much for earning back some money. I ended up spending a few more dollars to get to the price tag of that white leather bag. Whoopsie, hehehe. The embossed Navajo-ish pattern is what really got me. It’s not very obvious in the pictures but it’s there. The bag’s a bit dirty in some places and needs some cleaning so I will give it some TLC this coming weekend.

Butterfly-patterned dress by The Vintage Shop (via Strawberry), whistle necklace by JewelMint, Anne Klein gold watch, white leather bag via Beacon’s Closet, Bassgold smoking slippers (not seen)

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