menswear and calf hair booties

Two Fridays ago, on my way to yet another night of dining on the comfort food at Saint’s Alp Teahouse, I decided stop into the vintage store next door. Metropolis has always had the best selection of boots I’ve seen. Rows and rows of moccasin and military style boots sit alongside more feminine pointy-toed styles and also western boots, all arranged by size. I came across this androgynous pair of flat leather boots that had calf hair (probably a synthetic lookalike) on the middle piece all the way up the tongue. (I really should brush up on shoe anatomy and find out what the proper name for that is.) Anyway, I couldn’t resist. They were just too cool to pass up, and I hadn’t seen anything like it anywhere else recently.


I patted myself on the back mentally when I saw the 7 1/2 marking on the soles and quickly whisked the pair away to the cashier to pay. $55 later and I had the shoes to myself! The guy at the counter said that they had just put out those shoes. Lucky me that I got to swoop in on them right away then. And to think I go into that store maybe only 5 times a year. I would probably do something with the laces and get some new round ones that are a bit sleeker. Maybe something in a navy blue would actually complement the shoes well too, but that will have to wait. I was too excited to wear them already. So, I already wore them to work last Monday.

In keeping with the androgynous flavor of the boots, I wore a menswear inspired outfit. Please ignore my stupid expression. I tried the “don’t-smile-at-the-camera” thing but it is not working out. My face was not meant for the absence of a smile. So, I will stick to upturned mouths or just pictures with chopped heads next time! Haha


White Spense twin-pocket top, black H&M cropped trousers, Marni bag, thrifted booties




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