giving mona lisa a new look

I used to have an IKEA Vishult piece of Mona Lisa on our living room wall, and it hung there for a few months undisturbed. It was a humongous piece that had an industrial feel to it. And when we first moved in, it felt fine. As the months passed however, as we slowly got more pieces of furniture, finally got a rug and replaced some of our old throw pillows on the sofa, I realized the painting just didn’t fit with the rest of the place anymore. It would fit really well in a more gritty industrial-style loft, but our apartment was far from that. My bright red, aqua and yellow throw pillows just don’t go with it anymore.ย So one day, I took it off the hook it was hanging on and decided to give Mona Lisa a drastic change.


The IKEA piece was only about $50, much cheaper than buying a canvas that size, so I figured, I’ll just paint over it. Off I went to A.I. Friedman for some paint and brushes, and then Aldrich and I got to work covering up the piece with the creamy color. (This is what took the longest, and I’m super happy that Aldrich patiently helped me do that one Sunday night!) We started at one end, and the closer we got to Mona Lisa, the worst I felt about covering her up, so I thought, okay, let’s at least keep her face in. So we covered everything but Mona Lisa from her gown’s neckline up. And then I had an almost clean slate to start with. I had no idea what I was doing really. I didn’t know how I ended up where I did, but it looks like Mona Lisa is now among candy cotton clouds. I’m pretty happy though, and I think Mona Lisa is too. She’s moved to a much cheerier place than before!



This haul of goodies cost me about $20. There is so much paint left over!


The throw pillows were the color inspiration.



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