sporty gray dress

Spent a very chill Saturday today. Just ambled around the neighborhood for a few hours and had lunch by my lonesome at a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Murray Hill (or rather, Curry HIll!) I was one of only 3 non-Indian people at that pretty packed restaurant! It did feel a little weird, especially since I was also one of the few people to be eating alone, but I enjoyed it. I also had sweet lassi for the first time and it was amazing! It’s like frozen yogurt from Red Mango that’s already melted and drinking that through a straw. Strange description, I know, but it’s pretty spot on.

Anyway, here’s what I was wearing today. Been really into more sporty looks that I’ve seen around lately. So, I got this sweater dress from Forever 21 last week. I’ve also been wanting to wear a black baseball cap that I got the other day. It’s been sitting on my dresser waiting for its moment out in the sun. Maybe tomorrow will be the day for that. But for today, there’s this!


Forever 21 gray dress, Nike watch, Zara booties, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, Forever 21 chain necklace




I’ve had this Nike watch for a good 8 years now and it’s still a favorite. I still remember when I got it at Time Depot in Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Manila as a gift for getting on the dean’s list. You can’t tell from the picture because of the glare, but it displays the time in a really interesting way. The hour is written out digitally in the middle and then the minutes are just one big pie chart around it and you can tell what time of the hour it is by how many of the 60 parts have been shaded in. Plus, it’s got a stopwatch and also displays the date and year. Super functional! This watch has gone through some good times, including silkscreen class at Parsons where it got sprayed with all manner of emulsion, paint and Fantastik cleaner, and it’s still fine, yey!


I love the way these Zara booties look, but the first time I wore them, I got blisters on both my fourth toes. Nowadays, I know that I have to wrap a band-aid around those toes first before heading out, and they’re fine!





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