monday beiges

It’s the start of another work week. After a weekend spent at the NextDayBetter Design Challenge + Hackathon, Monday came too soon! My Saturday and Sunday were spent at Projective Space down on Allen Street teaming up with other designers, strategists and coders/developers toΒ to create apps and digital tools to help build a more resilient Philippines. In the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, it seemed like a small thing I could contribute while I’m all the way over here, far from home.

It was inspiring to see all the ideas that cropped up and see how these came to life in the apps. (I will have a link to some of the apps that were developed sometime this week.) I am very envious of people who can code! Being able to transform an idea to an actual working thing is amazing. As a designer, I can help visualize and demonstrate how it works, but I can’t make it fully real. But coding is daunting, and I’m not sure I have enough brain cells left to tackle that again! Even what little VBA skills I had from 8 years ago are gone now. Oh well, baby steps, CSS first maybe. Someday, someday. Anyway, I was able to meet and work with some pretty cool people. But the most valuable thing I learned was that there are so many awesome individuals out there who are working towards doing more good in the world. I feel better knowing there are people like that in my circle of friends. I can only hope that I can someday make as much of an impact as they are making now.

Anyway, here’s what I wore to work today. Feeling a little tired, so a monochromatic look took me from having monday blues to monday beiges. *I know it’s corny, but please chuckle along with me!* The weather warmed back up to 17 C (63 F) so bare legs and these cutout booties were appropriate again (at least for today!)



Forever 21 shirt, Uniqlo wool cardigan, H&M parka, Madewell necklace, Zara booties, Fendi 2Jours bag



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