bright red sweater

I got this chunky red sweater from Beacon’s Closet two weekends ago and couldn’t wait to wear it out. I just thought the knit pattern was different from anything I’ve ever seen and so even if it’s not the most perfect-fitting thing, I went ahead and spent the $16 on it. I know I should stop buying new things, but since this is vintage, it’s technically not new; let’s say I am merely doing my part in recycling. *smiles* I’m sure this will be a staple in my wardrobe for the next few weeks just because it’s the holiday season and the bright red is so festive!



Another favorite scarf that I got from Tokyo (this time from a brand called Moonbat and purchased at the Isetan department store in Shinjuku), this red and blue cashmere number is a perfect mate to the sweater. Jemma, a fellow designer at work, was saying that I have too many scarves. I do not of course have as many scarves as shoes (of which, I unfortunately have 70 crammed in my closet) but I’ve slowly started to amass a collection. They’re not all as fancy as this cashmere one though. I have a few $7 ones from H&M thrown into the mix, but hey, who’s looking at the price tag when you’re wearing them anyway! As long as they all look nice nobody cares! It’s been getting chilly and a good scarf is such a great way to add color when we’ve all got our dark coats on.


Red vintage sweater via Beacon’s Closet, Zara leggings, F-Troupe wedge booties via Urban Outfitters, Jewelmint necklace, Moonbat scarf, Fendi navy Chameleon satchel



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