fur hat and gray turtleneck

With temperatures here in New York City dropping to a chilly -10C (14F), the few cashmere sweaters that I own have come out of hiding! Here’s a gray turtleneck from Uniqlo that keeps my neck warm even without one of my trusty scarves. I used to hate wearing turtlenecks because I itch easily and having that fabric rubbing against my neck meant I kept scratching underneath the funnel collar. Thankfully I’ve become better at resisting the urge to scratch! No more looking like a dog trying to get rid of its fleas! (Forgive the awkward analogy.)


Gray fur hat by Grace Hats, Gray cashmere turtleneck from Uniqlo, black harem pants from loveJ via Strawberry, Jewelmint necklace, gray suede Alexander Wang monkstraps


I also love taking this gray furry hat of mine out for these subzero temperatures. It’s really warm and super soft, an absolute comfort to have on my head when it’s cold out. I got it on sale at a random store in SoHo maybe 2 or 3 years ago now. I don’t remember the name of the store, but the hat is from a brand called Grace Hats (which based on the label looks to be a Japanese brand.)



I didn’t actually wear these suede monk straps out with my ankles exposed. I wore boots to work and just swapped these out when I got to the office. It’s one of those strange things in life. When it’s freezing outside (as in winter), it’s boiling hot on our floor but when it’s summer and you’re tempted to wear a skirt to work, you have to think twice because the air-conditioning in the building is going to be on at full blast. You can never win! So, I have spare shoes to change into for the winter and fingerless gloves and a sweater on standby for the summer at my desk!


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