crushing on: february 2014


I’ve started a recent obsession with delicate stackable rings and was wistfully looking through a number of them on Etsy. The fact that they’re handmade and unique from piece to piece makes them even more covetable. Now if only I had a limitless budget, I would gladly fill up my jewelry box with more of these beauties!

1: 14K rose gold twig ring from redsofa on Etsy, 2: Moonstone 14K gold filled ring from AnemoneUnique on Etsy, 3: Set of 3 14K gold filled hammered rings from sweetolivejewelry on Etsy


3 thoughts on “crushing on: february 2014

    • Wow, I’m so honored! Thank you so much, Laura! And here I was thinking I was writing everything on here just for an audience of one (me!) I will try to get on doing that post soon!

      • I know that feeling very well ,trust me, but I for one really enjoy reading your blog. I’m so happy you decided to do the post , let me know when it’s up I look forward to reading your facts.

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