oxblood chelsea boots

An unexpected spell of warmer weather last weekend meant I didn’t have to wear a heavy wool coat out, yey! My leather bomber jacket made its first appearance out this year. The oxblood chelsea boots I got as a birthday treat to myself also got the chance to come out. When there aren’t slushy mountains of snow or icy puddles to plunge through then it’s time for my nicer pairs of shoes to take a stroll!

That reminds me of something my boss once said while we were talking about fashion and luxury. “You can only afford what you can ruin.” I guess that means I can’t really afford my shoes because I make every effort to check the weather and make sure it’s a sunny day before I take out my more treasured pairs. Oops! Or I’m just a cheapskate and I don’t want to keep going to the cobbler to resole or reheel them.


Mango leather bomber jacket, Zara checkered scarf, Madewell chambray shirt, Zara leggings, Miista Sandra chelsea boots, Fendi 2Jours bag



I got these Miista Sandra Chelsea boots on Shoescribeย during one of their sales. Shoescribe is now my go-to website for cool shoes. It’s where I first discovered Miista and Kurt Geiger (who apparently now has a store here in the West Village!) They also send the shoes over with a beautiful branded black grosgrain ribbon around the box, so it was a nice unboxing experience. It almost makes you want to spend your money with them again (if only I had more lying around haha!)



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