leopard coat


Let me start with a confession. I don’t know my spots very well. Is this actually a leopard print or a jaguar print? I am tending to think it’s the latter, but maybe it’s not even any of the two! Some enlightenment would definitely help. If anyone knows, speak out! Either way though, I really love the color and the style of this Zara coat! I’ve had this for about 4 years now but it’s one of my least used coats just because I always grab the black or gray ones from my closet. Yesterday, this coat did come out and receive quite a few nods of appreciation though! Happy happy!




This necklace is one of my most overused pieces from Jewelmint. It’s predominantly silver in color but has just a little bit of warmth that makes it easy to pair with most everything.


Zara jaguar print coat, yak wool scarf from ABC Carpet & Home, Chloe Alice mini crossbody bag, Madewell black skinny ponte pantsΒ (on sale now!), Belle by Sigerson Morrison buckle booties



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