striped shorts

It was a glorious sunny day today so I thought I would wear my new scalloped striped shorts from Club Monaco. Super cute and super comfy, these shorts are both casual and sophisticated. I don’t really have anything planned today, save for a birthday dinner for our friend, Francis, so I spent most of the day catching up on the latest season of Game of Thrones with my brother. I wish I could have done something more productive, but I guess this blog post will have to do! And I haven’t posted anything in a month because my mom and sister were here to visit and of course family time comes first! But this is definitely progress!


H&M black top, Club Monaco Amber striped shorts, Swatch gold watch, Prada tan tote bag, Madewell necklace


I also have this sunglasses pouch from H&M that I got for $3 a few months ago that I love! Such a fun way to bring my shades around.


These Coach sandals have been with me for the last 5 years. I unfortunately wore them out when it was raining once and the leather sole has curved up a little bit, but they are still lovely! The petals on the front echo the scallops on my shorts quite well.



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