macaron trinket box

I found this at Paper Presentation (one of my favorite stores ever! I geek out over all the paper, envelopes, art supplies, boxes, etc) last weekend and can’t get over how cute it is! Macaron trinket boxes, why hasn’t anyone thought of these before? Coming in an array of pastel colors, these are the sweetest ways you can gift jewelry to a friend. I just had to share this fab find. My pink macaron now houses this adorable gold scooter vintage charm necklace that my mom got me last year.

Macaron Trinket Box

While I got mine for $8.50 at Paper Presentation, if you don’t want to head on over to W19th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, you can just order it online from Urban Outfitters. I just randomly did a Google search and found they sell them online for $10! Click here if you want to buy a few. (And I say “a few” because just look how cute they all sit in a box. All the pretty colors! I am very tempted to buy a few more so I can display them together like this.)

Macaron Box | Urban Outfitters

And, for those people who like me are quite confused by the Macaron vs. the Macaroon, here’s a link that I found useful! So, technically, the display box that houses those macarons on top are labeled wrong, oopsie!



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