revisiting the 90’s

I said I would stop with the shoe shopping, but it seems old habits are hard to break! Recently I’ve realized that I’ve been revisiting all these different classics from the 90’s. They’ve all been updated somewhat and they were definitely worn differently when I was growing up (Hello, Birks with socks!), but the nostalgia remains. And for most of these, actually, for all three of the shoe trends I’ve now adopted, it’s my first time to jump on the bandwagon. All my friends had Doc Martens, Birks and jelly shoes growing up. I somehow managed to go through the 90’s uninitiated. Fast forward 20 years and I finally have these in my closet!

Dr Martens

I scoured the web for these silver and white leather brogues. Part of the Made in England collection, they were extremely hard to hunt down! I’m glad I got lucky with a pair in my size on ebay. They’re boyish and chunky but cool and refined at the same time!


Photo taken while walking the streets of SoHo



A few entries back I contemplated getting a pair of Birkenstocks or Birkenstocks-inspired sandals but somehow always hesitated on pulling the trigger. When I glanced upon these at a Madewell store near work I knew these were the ones I had been waiting for. The navy blue pebbled leather and the white sole made them just that bit more unique. You can still buy these Birkenstocks x Madewell Arizona sandals here for $120.


Photo taken at JFK Terminal 4 on the way to Manila for a quick vacation

Jelly Shoes

In their first iteration in the 90’s, I absolutely hated jelly shoes. I couldn’t understand why people wanted them on their feet. But now that Melissa has teamed up with Jason Wu to create these Magda fisherman sandals, I finally understood. That Melissa shoes always have that bubblegum smell to their rubber is an added bonus.

Photo taken this afternoon after a day walking around the East Village

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