laidback chic

Yesterday I went around TriBeCa so that I could finally visit some stores that I’ve been meaning to check out. Shinola and Schoolhouse Electric both have flagship stores there and I just generally haven’t been to that area as much as everywhere else in Manhattan. It was a pleasant walk and both stores were just gorgeous! Everyone should pay them a visit, even if it’s just to admire the store and the wares. Click on the link to my Instagram on the right to see some snaps from yesterday’s adventure.

So anyway, here is what I wore. A black crop top paired with a tan button skirt that was equal parts ladylike and laidback cool. It was a good outfit to wear in yesterday’s slightly muggy weather. It did not help that it rained, but I had holed myself up with an iced latte and a peanut butter cookie at The Smile cafe inside the Shinola store and just waited it out. Thanks to my trusty Dark Sky app for letting me plan that ahead, otherwise I would have gotten drenched. I did not think to carry an umbrella around with me when it was sunny and hot when I first stepped out of the apartment.





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