tennis stripes

It’s officially the end of summer! I don’t really understand how time could have flown by that quickly! Now that I’ve officially announced at work that I will be going back home to the Philippines at the end of October, the end of summer signals something more somber to me than the usually exciting beginning of autumn. It’s now a countdown for my last 2 months in New York and I have to admit that it scares me. After 7 years of living in the Big Apple, taking in all that it has to offer, breathing in its vitality, walking its streets and living the dream, it’s time to pinch myself and wake up to the real world that’s waiting for me. I don’t want to get all sappy here, let’s just say I will miss this concrete jungle terribly!

So because I’ve slowly been working on my bucket list, I jumped on the chance to watch the US Open this Labor Day weekend! I’ve gone a couple of times over the years but thought one last time would be nice to seal the deal. I had gone shopping on Sunday and found this dress at Bloomingdale’s on sale for only $26! That’s a bargain I could not refuse. I mean, just look at that dress, it’s darling! So, I swooped it off the sale rack and bought it, without thinking specifically about when I was to wear it. With the red, white and blue stripes plus the tennis dress silhouette though, I later realized that it was a perfect match for the US Open!



Aqua striped dress, Superga mule sneakers, Folli Follie white ceramic watch


I thought I would pose with my tennis racket seeing as I was all in theme already anyway! I haven’t played in two months though, so I really should get my butt back on the court soon! It’s the only real exercise I get here in the city. I’m not much of a gym person, sports are the only things that really excite me enough to sweat and suffer through haha!



I haven’t had mule sneakers like these since 2003! I used to have a pair of Diesel mule sneakers that I wore to death. By the end of their life, my mom had to beg me to throw them away haha, but I wouldn’t because I loved them so much. Now I have a new pair to wear down!



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