macaron trinket box

I found this at Paper Presentation (one of my favorite stores ever! I geek out over all the paper, envelopes, art supplies, boxes, etc) last weekend and can’t get over how cute it is! Macaron trinket boxes, why hasn’t anyone thought of these before? Coming in an array of pastel colors, these are the sweetest ways you can gift jewelry to a friend. I just had to share this fab find. My pink macaron now houses this adorable gold scooter vintage charm necklace that my mom got me last year.

Macaron Trinket Box

While I got mine for $8.50 at Paper Presentation, if you don’t want to head on over to W19th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, you can just order it online from Urban Outfitters. I just randomly did a Google search and found they sell them online for $10! Click here if you want to buy a few. (And I say “a few” because just look how cute they all sit in a box. All the pretty colors! I am very tempted to buy a few more so I can display them together like this.)

Macaron Box | Urban Outfitters

And, for those people who like me are quite confused by the Macaron vs. the Macaroon, here’s a link that I found useful! So, technically, the display box that houses those macarons on top are labeled wrong, oopsie!



striped shorts

It was a glorious sunny day today so I thought I would wear my new scalloped striped shorts from Club Monaco. Super cute and super comfy, these shorts are both casual and sophisticated. I don’t really have anything planned today, save for a birthday dinner for our friend, Francis, so I spent most of the day catching up on the latest season of Game of Thrones with my brother. I wish I could have done something more productive, but I guess this blog post will have to do! And I haven’t posted anything in a month because my mom and sister were here to visit and of course family time comes first! But this is definitely progress!


H&M black top, Club Monaco Amber striped shorts, Swatch gold watch, Prada tan tote bag, Madewell necklace


I also have this sunglasses pouch from H&M that I got for $3 a few months ago that I love! Such a fun way to bring my shades around.


These Coach sandals have been with me for the last 5 years. I unfortunately wore them out when it was raining once and the leather sole has curved up a little bit, but they are still lovely! The petals on the front echo the scallops on my shorts quite well.


tribal print jacket and avarcas


I love this bracelet that I got from H&M last weekend. It was a perfect companion to my jacket and that giant black tassel hanging out is so much fun!

DSC_4925 DSC_4934

Forever 21 tribal print jacket, Theory navy pocket sleeveless tank, Club Monaco denim shorts, white RIA avarcas, H&M tassel bracelet


Avarcas started coming up on blogs last summer (which is when I snagged these when we were in Mallorca, Spain!) Interestingly, these leather sandals are actually traditionally made in the neighboring island, Menorca. So, I actually got pretty close to the birthplace of these beauties. Here are some places where you can get your hands on your own pair! (They come in an amazing array of colors so it’s pretty easy to be tempted to get more than one.) There are PONS avarcas (about $77) which are handmade in Spain and are very much tied to the roots and tradition of the sandals, but there are also Jeffrey Campbell ones sold on Urban Outfitters that go for $50.


crushing on: april 2014


I have always been obsessed with shoes and now that it’s finally getting warmer, I am itching to go out and buy some new pairs to celebrate the good weather! These three are sure to tide me sartorially through this spring and summer. They’re on my wishlist but I’m sure it will take a while before my card is ready to be swiped again. A few weeks ago I thought I would have the slip-on sneakers on this list too, but they’ve been replaced with a desire to try the ugly-beautiful style of Birkenstocks (or at least a slightly different version of them!) I don’t think I’d ever wear them with socks again though. (Too many memories of my childhood in the 90s come flooding back at the thought of Birks and socks.) But, let’s see about that. Never say never after all!

1. Loeffler Randall Mara Captoe Espadrilles, 2. Jeannot Sun Path slides from Anthropologie, 3. Wide-strapped sandals from Zara


leopard coat


Let me start with a confession. I don’t know my spots very well. Is this actually a leopard print or a jaguar print? I am tending to think it’s the latter, but maybe it’s not even any of the two! Some enlightenment would definitely help. If anyone knows, speak out! Either way though, I really love the color and the style of this Zara coat! I’ve had this for about 4 years now but it’s one of my least used coats just because I always grab the black or gray ones from my closet. Yesterday, this coat did come out and receive quite a few nods of appreciation though! Happy happy!




This necklace is one of my most overused pieces from Jewelmint. It’s predominantly silver in color but has just a little bit of warmth that makes it easy to pair with most everything.


Zara jaguar print coat, yak wool scarf from ABC Carpet & Home, Chloe Alice mini crossbody bag, Madewell black skinny ponte pants (on sale now!), Belle by Sigerson Morrison buckle booties


oxblood chelsea boots

An unexpected spell of warmer weather last weekend meant I didn’t have to wear a heavy wool coat out, yey! My leather bomber jacket made its first appearance out this year. The oxblood chelsea boots I got as a birthday treat to myself also got the chance to come out. When there aren’t slushy mountains of snow or icy puddles to plunge through then it’s time for my nicer pairs of shoes to take a stroll!

That reminds me of something my boss once said while we were talking about fashion and luxury. “You can only afford what you can ruin.” I guess that means I can’t really afford my shoes because I make every effort to check the weather and make sure it’s a sunny day before I take out my more treasured pairs. Oops! Or I’m just a cheapskate and I don’t want to keep going to the cobbler to resole or reheel them.


Mango leather bomber jacket, Zara checkered scarf, Madewell chambray shirt, Zara leggings, Miista Sandra chelsea boots, Fendi 2Jours bag



I got these Miista Sandra Chelsea boots on Shoescribe during one of their sales. Shoescribe is now my go-to website for cool shoes. It’s where I first discovered Miista and Kurt Geiger (who apparently now has a store here in the West Village!) They also send the shoes over with a beautiful branded black grosgrain ribbon around the box, so it was a nice unboxing experience. It almost makes you want to spend your money with them again (if only I had more lying around haha!)


crushing on: february 2014


I’ve started a recent obsession with delicate stackable rings and was wistfully looking through a number of them on Etsy. The fact that they’re handmade and unique from piece to piece makes them even more covetable. Now if only I had a limitless budget, I would gladly fill up my jewelry box with more of these beauties!

1: 14K rose gold twig ring from redsofa on Etsy, 2: Moonstone 14K gold filled ring from AnemoneUnique on Etsy, 3: Set of 3 14K gold filled hammered rings from sweetolivejewelry on Etsy